Evolution is designed to address the problem of short-termism in football and to make the lives of club boardroom decision-makers easier.


Within football it seems every club tries to create the most efficient and diligent player recruitment processes as possible but everytime the process can become complex and frustrating. Acquisition aims to conquer that by supplying a huge data-driven database of players to search through whilst, comparing them to clubs, performance and budget.

We worked alongside 21st Club limited to help with a new module called acquisition.


The ‘Acquisition’ module enables customers to search for players with objective information that aims to help to mitigate risk and maximise reward by supporting smarter player trading decisions.

We created detailed wireframes and created a player due-diligence dashboard supported by simple search criteria. The dashboard’s charting solutions is bespoke to the data that needed to be presented. Data can be configured by tweaking weightings and budgets used for comparison against the client’s club. The comparison aspect is majorly important as it helps to identify pros and cons and helps to inform business decisions.


21st Club Limited


Q2 2017

Design process

Player Transfer Risk Indicator