Allowing engineering technicians to calculate and calibrate settings for bespoke Marine and Industrial tank gauges.


No industrial or marine tank is the same. We needed to transform their outdated calculation tool, which was originally built in 1980’s using GW-BASIC into a modern web-based application. AJD Instruments wanted to modernise and streamline their calculation process for creating bespoke tanks gauges for the Marine and Industrial industries.

Combining User-Centered design with a quick and easy-to-use User Interface was essential to produce the calculator. Understanding the specifics of each desired outcome, the process criteria builder needed to be tailored, adjusting each step, to the specific tank requirements.


AJD instruments are able to create and edit calibration results and store them in a database for historic and future reference. The application produced faster and directly editable calculations and visual diagrams, as well as auto-generated printable PDFs.


AJD Instruments


Q1 2015

Calculator form