Chatamo is an online service (SaaS) for creating intelligent messaging by building voice bots for marketing, sales, and support.


Bots are an upcoming industry and are becoming more popular every day with businesses. With Chatamo, the idea is that businesses have access to auto-generated dialogue so they don’t need to write extensive scripts. To apply a bit of automation to bot development. By using a combination of text, image, videos and maps businesses can create answers to support both voice and chatbots. It also needed to be multi-lingual too to cater for a global audience.

We were commissioned by BotSkill Limited to assist with software design and create features that meet the new businesses requirements.


We opened the project with detailed discovery sessions and workshops to identify target customers and well as ideating a simple, self-operating features that customers can configure which, of course, maps to a subscription model

We needed to create a stable User Journey alongside simple User Interactions that included detailed wireframes, prototyping and to create a stunning visual look and feel for the software.

Chatamo can publish bots to a wide array of channels including facebook messenger to amazon Alexa. Content can be managed as well as broadcasting news and offers at set scheduled times. Also, businesses can get great insights (dashboard) for customers bots by looking into activity, usage data and audience sentiment.


BotSkill Limited


Q4 2017

Building the brand

Colour palette & typography

Illustation and iconography