Focusing on the costs and benefits of education in Europe through multi-media infographics.


How much does it cost a country to educate a citizen with a higher degree? What are the various returns on that investment? The importance of education is little disputed, but really understanding the complex interplay between education and society is exceedingly difficult. One critical topic is the economic return on education, both for the individual and the society at large.

After filtering indicator data down by gender, public/private partnerships, secondary/tertiary education levels, including all 34 OECD countries, we began to analyse each country through a series of uniform diagrams. With the intent of highlighting anomalies from one country to the next, it became clear that some appeared to be gender bias, whilst others were biased depending on your social stature.


We created a variety of infographics for an interactive tool and printed media. The design encouraged exploring the comparison of countries and uncovered hidden statistics from the variety of indicators. The visualisations ultimately offered a comprehensive view of economic return on education.




Q4 2012