Communicating social, financial and news data in a way that allow users to discover patterns and relationships in data. ‘Project Sentysis’ draws upon and compares three key types of data to reveal fascinating insights through comparison; twitter sentiment, news and price data.


How do the antics of a pop band effect the fortunes of their record label? Does negative social sentiment around one company elevate the stock price of its main competitors? Thomson Reuters wanted to explore new territories in innovation and user experience but also to create a visually engaging outcome to grab the attention of financial professionals.

We wanted to create an easily accessible, open to the public installation to generate positive press. We also wanted to explore social media and apply real-time sentiment analysis to investigate if it influences the stock market within a sector and target products alongside closest competitor and news data.


‘Project Sentysis’, displayed on the UK’s biggest LED screen (2013) at London Design Festival showed how Eikon may open up new possibilities in finding financial answers. It helped to generate positive press worldwide and has been featured on many articles and blogs.


Thomson Reuters


Q3 2013