A digital platform built for coaches and players that aims to deliver professional standard football coaching content to the grassroots.


‘The Coaching Manual’ is an online platform that aspires to bridge the gap between professional and grassroots football coaching. The platform mostly focuses on sharing and organising video content as well as articles created for and by the community. By signing up, members can organise their club and teams, create season plans from the data-driven video content.

We were commissioned by The Coaching Manual to completely overhaul the platform.


Based on our previous work where we got the opportunity to create new features and come up with ideas that could hopefully revolutionise football coaching in the digital realm. We helped evolve The Coaching Manual by applying product strategy and content strategy to develop a high quality, all singing and dancing platform.

This resulted in a brand new platform release attracting thousands more users and professional football clubs globally.


The Coaching Manual Limited


Q2 2016

Understanding the challenges and how to solve them

Content strategy and grouping