A series of data-driven visualisations exploring future technology predictions, the impact climate change has on weather, and how data can predict the next big music artist.


Wired UK Magazine reports on the effect of science and technology in the world. It covers a broad range of topics including design, architecture, culture, the economy, politics and philosophy.

We were approached to help create various infographics and visualisations for the Infoporn series featured in their monthly printed and digital magazines.


Wired Magazine



Watch This Space

An insight into key science and technology trends over the next half-century, with time increasing from the centre the visualisation grouped each trend into one of five categories; Greentech, Biotech, Nanotech, Neurotech and Digital tech.


Forecast: Unsettled

An insight into the weather around the world in the hottest year on record. Comparing the minimum, maximum and mean temperatures to a daily 30-year average; overlaying the daily precipitation and rainfall.


The Data That Can Predict a Pop Hit

An infographic exploring whether activity on social media sites can be used to predict who’s going to be the next big music artist; comparing correlations between a artists social media hits, the algorithms used by music analytics company Next Big Sound and when the artist was featured on the Billboard 200 (the US albums chart).