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Project Overview

How much does it cost a country to educate a citizen with a higher degree? What are the various returns on educational investment? The economic return on education is a critical topic for both the individual and society at large.

We created a variety of data visualisations for both printed media and an interactive web application. The charts offer a broad view of the economic return on education (uncovering hidden statistics) and comparison between countries.

education at a glance interactive chart education at a glance interactive chart

Insight Through Uniform Charting

We began to visualise each country through a series of uniform charts by filtering the OECD education data down by gender, public/private partnerships, secondary/tertiary education levels for all 34 OECD countries.

With the intent of highlighting anomalies from one nation to the next, it became clear that some appeared to be gender bias or have a preference on social stature.

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