Project Sentysis

Made for Thomson Reuters

project sentysis hero

Project Overview

How do the antics of a pop band affect the fortunes of their record label? Does negative social sentiment around one company increase the stock price of its competitors?

Thomson Reuters wanted to create an easily accessible, open to the public installation to help generate positive press for their trading platform Eikon. The plan was to allow users to discover patterns and relationships in social media, world news and money data.

Data-driven Investigation

‘Project Sentysis’ drew upon three critical sources; Twitter, Reuters News and the Stock Market.

We wanted to apply real-time sentiment analysis to social media and investigate if there is any emotive influence on the stock market. Investors and traders could hypothetically make better decisions on products by allowing cross-comparison between influencers, competitors, news and financial data.

project sentysis tablet ui project sentysis tablet ui project sentysis tablet ui
project sentysis exhibition shot

Big data for a big screen

The ‘Project Sentysis’ installation was displayed on the UK’s biggest LED screen (for 2013) at London Design Festival. The public could easily explore the analysis controlled by a large tablet device, which in turn updates the large screen.

project sentysis screen ui project sentysis screen ui
project sentysis exhibition shot

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